| W4357 Gothic Architecture, Professor Stephen Murray >
614 Schermerhorn Hall, Monday & Wednesday, 1:10-2:25pm

| Teaching Fellows >
Meredith Fluke (mf687@columbia.edu)
T 11.00-11.50am; Th 2.00-2.50pm Scher. 934
Johanna Seasonwein (jgs2003@columbia.edu)
M 10.00-10.50am;  3.00-3.50pm Scher 934

  | Course Description >
How have "Gothic" edifices been represented in words and images?  This course examines Gothic monuments and considers the historiography and theories that they have generated.
  | Requirements >
Attendance at lecture is essential.  Undergraduate students are also required to enroll in a discussion section.  Final grades will reflect attendance and participation in the classes and sections.

There will be a formal in-class mid term and final examination.

All students will also be asked to write a short (about fifteen page) research paper, to be handed in on December 13.  Written proposals for these papers will be requested before mid-term.
  | Readings >
All readings have been put on reserve in Avery Library.  Additionally, assigned articles and selected portions of books have been made available online as digital documents in Courseworks.  A few articles are also located online in JSTOR, a digital database accessible through the Columbia Libraries website.  These readings have been noted with a star below.  If you have any questions about Courseworks or JSTOR, please ask one of the teaching fellows.

There is no required textbook for the class; however, for those students who wish to purchase a textbook, copies of Nicola Coldstream’s Medieval Architecture (Oxford History of Art series) have been ordered at Labyrinth Books; the cost is $19.95.
  | Contact Information >
Stephen Murray, Professor of Art History; address: 605 Schermerhorn Hall; telephone: 212.854.852; e-mail: sm42@columbia.edu; Office Hours:  Tuesday 10.00am-12:00pm


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