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Medieval Architecture, A Monograph
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A compendium of texts and links relating to the study of Medieval Architecture

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Medieval Architecture Web site: This unique online resource of Medieval Architecture combines the teachings of thirteen Medievalists—spanning topics from the origins of Christian architecture in the Late Antique Period to the Medieval Revival in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  Amiens Animated Glossary: Use the Amiens Cathedral Animated Glossary to learn a set of architectural terms that describe the parts of a Gothic Cathedral.
  Gothic Sculpture Web site: A review of the tombs, portals, choir screens and freestanding sculpture of the Gothic period will provoke a discussion of issues concerning devotional practices: liturg, attitudes to the body, death, and transcendence, as well as the more traditional concerns with style, iconography, color and chronology.
  1,000 Years of Church Architecture Animation: A Flash animation illustrating the differences among early Christian, Romanesque and Gothic church construction.
  Panorama of St. John the Divine: Using Flash and Quicktime technologies in tandom travel through the architecture of St. John the Divine.
  England, Durham, Cathedral, Interactive Ground Plan
  England, Durham, Cathedral, Comparison with Old St. Peter's (Rome)
  France, Paris, Cathedral, Interactive Ground Plan
  France, Paris, Cathedral, Diagrams
  France, Paris, Cathedral, Animated Glossary

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