Timeline of Select Projects | Index of Projects

Title Year(s) Field Description
Art Atlas 2014-2017 The Art Atlas platform provides an interface for the mapping and photography-based projects of Columbia University's Department of Art History and Archaeology, featuring still images, 360? panoramas, textual data and historical materials.
MCID 2014-2017 The Media Center Image Database (MCID) hosts the Department of Art History's teaching collections, special collections, and original photography of globally significant art and architecture. Fieldwork highlights include Istanbul, Iraq, Rome, Chicago, The American Southwest, and Japan.
Life of a Cathedral: Notre Dame of Amiens 2015-2017 Working with Prof. Stephen Murray and graduate students Emogene Cataldo and Tori Schmidt, the Media Center is developing an immersive resource for students in Art Humanities to experience the cathedral of Amiens.
Virtual Reality Tours 2015-2017 Drawing from our collection of panoramas produced over the past two decades of fieldwork, the Media Center is creating Virtual Reality tours which allow users to move between different panoramas at monuments. These same tours can be viewed using Google Cardboard and smart phones to experience the panoramas in virtual reailty.
Cities of Knowledge: Amman Travel Seminar 2016-2017 The Spring 2016 Travel Seminar led by Prof. Avinoam Shalem provided an opportunity for the Media Center to document sites of interest in and around the city of Amman.
Panoramas of World Architecture 2016-2017 The Panoramas of World Architecture collection presents the resources of the former History of Architecture site integrated with the new Art Atlas platform
Reverse Engineering the Slide Library: IMLS Sparks! Grant 2017-2018 This award funded a project to assess the feasibility of using deep learning and computer vision to automatically sort digitized 35mm slides, with the goal of creating an open-source, scalable framework for archival discovery in legacy slide collections worldwide.
Travel Seminar: Shaping Renaissance Rome 2018-2018 Lead by Prof. Michael Waters, the Spring 2018 Travel Seminar allowed the Media Center to document Renaissance architecture in Rome, Italy.
Center for the Ancient Mediterranean Graduate Tour: Imperial and Late Antique Germany 2018-2018 For the first time, the Media Center was able to join the Center for the Ancient Mediterranean Graduate Tour in 2018, and document sites in a tour of Imperial and Late Antique Germany lead by Prof. Holger A. Klein and Prof. Francesco de Angelis.
Anthony McCall: Split Second 2019-2019 Working with Prof. Noam Elcott, the Media Center photographed Anthony McCall's Split Second at Sean Kelly Gallery, producing 360¼ panoramas of contemporary art for the first time.
Videos from the AHAR Archive 2019-2019 Drawing upon over a decade of videos digitized for Art History faculty, the Media Center added videos to the Media Center Image Database.
Ostia Antica Pano Tour 2018-2018 During a day trip from Villa Adriana, the Media Center produced an extensive tour of Ostia Antica as lead by Prof. Francesco de Angelis.
Amman 2018 2018-2018 The Media Center's participation in the conference The Future of the Past with Prof. Zainab Bahrani provided an opportunity to document cultural heritage sites in and around Amman, Jordan.
The James Conlon Yemen Photo Collection 2019-2019 Images from the late Media Center Director James Conlon's research in Yemen were added to the Media Center Image Database.
Amiens VR Tours 2019-2019 Building upon existing virtual reality tours of Amiens Cathedral, the Media Center, in colllaboration with Prof. Emeritus Stephen Murray, is creating enhanced VR tours with narration and choral performances.
Slide Digitization 2018-2019 Following the success of work completed during the IMLS Sparks! Grant, the Media Center is continuing work on the automated archival discovery within the Department of Art History and Archaeology's slide collection.
Art of the Spanish Hapsburg Empire in NYC 2019-2019 Working with Prof. Diane Bodart and PhD candidate Adam Levine, The Media Center built a site housing images and information about works of art from the Spanish Hapsburg Empire currently located in museums and collections of New York City.
Art Humanities VR 2018-2019 Working with Prof. Noam Elcott, Chair of Art Humanities, the Media Center is developing an immersive Virtual Reality experience for Art Humanities in the classroom using 360¼ panoramas from fieldwork. Lead by instructors, students use Oculus GO VR headsets to experience sites in the curriculum like never before.
Carol Mackey Pre-Columbian Archive 2018-2019 The Media Center created an interactive database with Prof. Lisa Trever for the tagging and cataloging of Carol Mackey's Pre-Columbian image archive by alumna Amanda Gannaway.