Timeline of Select Projects | Index of Projects

Title Year(s) Field Description
Mnemosyne 2000-2002 Image Database Before MCID, Mnemosyne was the Media Center's database for hosting all its image resources.
Luna 2002-2004 Image Database Before Artstor, Luna hosted the Art History Teaching Collection images.
Columbia Image Bank on Artstor 2004-2012 Image Database The Art History Teaching Collection, compiled by the Media Center for Art History from scans of slides and photographs, is accessible to anyone on Columbia's campus or with a Columbia University UNI.
MCID (MDID) 2011-2012 Image Database The Media Center Image Database (MCID) hosts the Department of Art History's teaching collections, special collections, and original photography of globally significant art and architecture. Fieldwork highlights include Istanbul, Iraq, Rome, Chicago, The American Southwest, and Japan.