Timeline of Select Projects | Index of Projects

Title Year(s) Field Description
Amiens Cathedral Interactive Glossary 1996 Architecture, Europe Monograph on Amiens Cathedral featuring photographs, drawings and plans, 3D renderings, and texts
Alhambra 2000 Architecture, Europe Flash-based monograph containing panoramas, images, videos, and diagrams of various rooms of the Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain
Medieval Architecture Digital Teaching Project 2000 Architecture, Europe Collection of academic texts, primary and secondary sources, historical images, floorplans, and panoramas on a variety of Medieval Architectural styles.
Amiens Animated Glossary 2001 Architecture, Europe Interactive floorplan and elevation diagrams that allow students to learn and test themselves on Gothic architectural terms
Amiens Cathedral 2001 Architecture, Europe Narrated two-part video available on YouTube using 3D renderings and animations to explain the architecture and building techniques of Amiens Cathedral
Parthenon Frieze 2001 Sculpture, Europe Annotated floorplans and images of the Parthenon frieze, organized by facade.
Designing Saint Peter's 2003 Architecture, Europe Animation showing successive iterations of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome through comparison of groundplans
Istanbul Documentation Project (1) 2003 Architecture, Europe This was the first iteration of the Istanbul Documentation Project.
The Byzantine Church of Hagia Sophia at Vize in Turkish Thrace 2003 Architecture, Europe Website documenting the excavation and restoration of Hagia Sophia, Vize, through texts, images, and floorplans.
Restoring Byzantium 2004 Architecture, Europe Focusing on the late-1940s restoration of the Kariye Camii, a Byzantine-era church in Istanbul, the website contains current photographs, historical phographs, panoramas, 3D models and animations, floorplans, academic texts, a glossary, a bibliography, and useful links.
La Villa Savoye: The Five Points of New Architecture 2005 Architecture, Europe This website demonstrates how Le Corbusier's Five Points of New Architecture are deployed in his Villa Savoye, and primarily features panoramas plotted on floorplans.
Selinus Arcopolis Project 2006 Architecture, Europe Website documenting the 2006-07 excavation of the acropolis at the Ancient Greek colony of Selinus in modern-day Sicily, with very detailed aerial map of the site.
Venice, A Database 2007 Architecture, Europe In 2007, ARTstor sponsored a Media Center photography campaign in Venice, Italy, which produced over 340 panoramas of a range of historically significant sites from various eras in the city's history.
What is a Sign? An Introduction to Saussure 2007 Visual Theory, Europe A series of slides explaining Saussure's theories of semiotics as they relate to Modern Art, with illustrations.
Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe 2010 Decorative Arts, Europe The Media Center produced the digital monograph for the 2010-11 exhibition Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe, co-organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum, and the British Museum.
Istanbul Documentation Project (2) 2011 Architecture, Europe The Istanbul Documentation Project aims to create a digital platform for the virtual presentation of Istanbul's Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and early Republican sites and monuments and thus provides a rich resource for scholars, students, and the general public.
Ancient and Early Christian Sites of Rome 2012 Architecture, Europe Media Center staff and interns accompanied the Spring 2012 Undergraduate Travel Seminar to Rome to document monuments of Ancient Roman and Early Christian architecture.
Raphael's Fresco of the Disputa of the Vatican's Stanza della Segnatura 2000-2001 Painting, Europe Video of late Professor David Rosand describing Raphael's fresco with computer-animated illustrations.
Raphael's Fresco of the School of Athens 2000-2001 Painting, Europe Video of late Professor David Rosand describing Raphael's fresco with computer-animated illustrations.
History of Architecture - Real Virtual, Representing Architectural Time and Space 1999-2005 Architecture, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America This History of Architecture Web site is designed to support undergraduate education by focusing on interactive panoramas as a method of expanding the options for classroom presentations of architectural subjects.
Computational Tools for Modeling, Visualizing and Analyzing Historic and Archaeological Sites 2001-2004 Architecture, Africa, Europe, North America This project aimed "to create new computational tools" for for studying historic structures and archaeological sites, then to compile the data into a database and educational website. Featured locations include Amheida, Egypt; Monte Polizzo, Italy; Thulamela, South Africa; Beauvais Cathedral, France; and St. John the Divine, New York City.
Mapping the Art and Architecture of Renaissance Venice 2002-2005 Architecture, Europe This digital learning environment offers students the opportunity to engage the art and architecture of Renaissance Venice, seen through the famous view of the city by Jacopo de'Barbari, a monumental woodblock print dated 1500.
Art Humanities Teaching Resources 2000-2014 Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Europe, North America This companion site to Art Humanities serves as a repository for instructor resources and briefings.
Archaeobase 2006-2007 Architecture, Europe Unfinished archaeological database containing data from Professor Clemente Marconi's Ancient Selinus excavation
Mapping Gothic France 2008-2012 Architecture, Europe This comprehensive database of Gothic monuments in France contains more than twenty thousand original photographs and panoramas, accompanied by contextual materials, including historical texts, timelines, and interactive maps.
A Thousand Years of Church Architecture 1999 Architecture, Europe Simple Flash animation of generic floorplans showing the evolution of European religious architecture
Breugel: The Netherlandish Proverbs 2000 Painting, Europe Annotated details of Breugel's painting
Bruegel, Pieter, "Battle between Carnival and Lent" 2000 Painting, Europe Image of the painting and details
Bruegel, Pieter, "Children's Games" 2000 Painting, Europe Image of the painting and details
Bruegel, Pieter, "Tower of Babel" 2000 Painting, Europe Image of the painting and details
Conques, The Church of St. Foy, Animated Glossary 1999 Architecture, Europe Timed Flash animation of architectural terminology
Durham Cathedral and Old St. Peter's Basilica: A Comparison of the Ground Plans 1999 Architecture, Europe Overlaid floorplans comparing the architecture of Durham Cathedral and the old St. Peter's Basilica in Rome
Durham Cathedral Interactive Ground Plan 1999 Architecture, Europe Black-and-white photographs of Durham Cathedral plotted in a building floorplan
Goya: Disasters of War 2000 Prints, Europe Scans of thirteen of Goya's Disasters of War prints with captions, organized as a slideshow
Mapping Architecture in Medieval and Renaissance Naples 2001 Architecture, Urban Planning, Europe An unfinished website on the growth of Naples from the Classical Era to the Renaissance, with historical maps and paintings and a brief history of the city.
Monet's Rouen Cathedral 2001 Painting, Europe Scans of 26 of Monet's Rouen Cathedral paintings, viewable in color or monochrome. The site also has a sun wheel feature that organizes ten of the paintings by approximate time of day they were made.
Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral Animated Ground Plan 1999 Architecture, Europe Flash animations of floorplan and elevation.
Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral Interactive Elevation Diagrams 1999 Architecture, Europe Floorplan with plotted, rollover elevation diagrams.
Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral Interactive Ground Plan 1999 Architecture, Europe Black-and-white historical images of Notre-Dame plotted on a building floorplan
Raphael, The Stanza della Segnatura 1999 Painting, Europe This website devoted to the Stanza della Segnatura in contains images, details, descriptions, and explanations of the iconography and techniques for each of Raphael's frescoes.
Romanesque Churches of the Bourbonnais 2003-2007 Architecture, Europe This web resource presents unique research, chronicling the documentation of over thirty Romanesque structures through comprehensive digital photography and three-dimensional panoramas.
Unpacking Les Demoiselles d'Avignon - Pablo Picasso 2004 Painting, Europe This site contains information on Picasso's seminal work Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, including essays, prepatory drawings, and biographical information on the artist. All images can be compared against the final painting in the image viewer.
ArchMap 2013-2015 Architecture, Asia, Europe This architecture mapping database was the predecessor to Art Atlas
Art Humanities Migration 2014-2015 Europe, North America All materials from the original Masterpieces of Western Art website are now hosted on the Columbia College Core Office's website for greater consistency with the other Core classes.
Medieval Millennium 1999 Architecture, Sculpture, Europe Early course monograph created for a class and Metropolitan Museum exhibit of the same name.