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Title Year(s) Field Description
The Great Mosque of Mopti 2008 Architecture, Africa Created by late Media Center Director James Conlon following the Terra 2008 conference in Bamako, Mali, this site features panoramas and images of this classic African Islamic mud monument dating from 1935. There is also a brief history and bibliography of the region and building.
History of Architecture - Real Virtual, Representing Architectural Time and Space 1999-2005 Architecture, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America This History of Architecture Web site is designed to support undergraduate education by focusing on interactive panoramas as a method of expanding the options for classroom presentations of architectural subjects.
Computational Tools for Modeling, Visualizing and Analyzing Historic and Archaeological Sites 2001-2004 Architecture, Africa, Europe, North America This project aimed "to create new computational tools" for for studying historic structures and archaeological sites, then to compile the data into a database and educational website. Featured locations include Amheida, Egypt; Monte Polizzo, Italy; Thulamela, South Africa; Beauvais Cathedral, France; and St. John the Divine, New York City.
Thulamela: Computational Tools for Modeling, Visualizing, and Analyzing Historic and Archaeological Sites 2003-2004 Architecture, Africa Part of the "Computational Tools for Modeling, Visualizing and Analyzing Historic and Archaeological Sites" project, "Thulamela" is the most completed subproject with its own separate website.
Africa and African Art 2005 Africa Course monograph with links to Mnemosyne image portfolios and external resources